Elego UNO Project Smart Robot Car Kit with Four-wheel Drives, UNO R3, Link Tracking Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth module, Remote, ect. Newest Intelligent and Educational Toy Car for Kids

460 ر.س


ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit V3.0 is an educational and fun kit based on UNO R3 controller board designed for both beginners and professionals to learn electronics, programming and robotics. With our easy-to-follow tutorial assembling this robot car kit would be very intuitive and simple regardless of whether you are an engineer or a novice. Building up your own robotic project has never been so easy and fun. Just follow our tutorial and step by step you will have your own running car kit within no time. This kit enables you to have a good quality time with your children and empower them to develop and inspire their imaginations. If your kids, family or friends are attracted to the electronics and robotics world, this kit would be a great choice and perfect gift for them to start their first step on electronic journey.

  • The most economical and newest robot car kit with simple mechanical structure, a nice system and very easy to install.
  • CD with the best tutorial including the video which bring you to the robot car world.
  • There is a ultrasonic sensor to keep the car way from barrier.
  • 3pcs line tracking module can make the car according to the specific travel.
  • IR receiver assist you control the cay by remote.
  • You can install the APP on your phone which can control the car with Bluetooth module.


Elegoo Kit Packaging List:

1pcs UNO R3 

1pcs USB cable 

1pcs V5.0 extension board 

1pcs L298N motor driver board 

1pcs ultrasonic Sensor 

1pcs ultrasonic holder 

1pcs servo motor 

1pcs bluetooth module 

1pcs IR receiver 

3pcs line tracking module 

4pcs motor 

1pcs remote 

1pcs charger (US/EU/UK)

1pcs cell box 

2pcs acrylic 

4pcs wheel 

8pcs screws (long) 

38pcs screws (short) 

4pcs aluminium block 

6pcs copper cylinder 

6pcs copper screws 

20pcs dupont wires 

1pcs CD with tutorial

Elego UNO R3 Smart Robot Car Kit

Elego UNO R3 Smart Robot Car Kit


  • 460 ر.س

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