PCF8563 RTC Board Real Time Clock

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he PCF8523 RTC module from Adafruit is Real-Time Clock (RTC) and calendar optimized for low power consumption. Data is transferred serially via the I2C-bus. Alarm and timer functions are available with the possibility to generate a wake-up signal on an interrupt pin. 

The PCF8523 has a built-in power-sense circuit that detects power failures and automatically switches to the backup supply. It can be used in many applications such as data logging, clock-building, time stamping, timers, calendars and alarms. 


  • Provides year, month, day, weekday, hours, minutes, and seconds based on a 32.768 kHz quartz crystal
  • 3.3 or 5 V power supply voltage
  • Low power consumption
  • I2C Serial Interface

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  • 40 ر.س

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